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Home of the Best Armenian & Ukrainian Food in Toronto!
Whether your birthday celebration will be for indoor family events or you simply need a small
party catering for your sister or brother’s birthday, Armenian Bistro is one of the best restaurants
that offers indoor lunch services throughout Toronto. Are you craving for something different–
Chicken Shashlik, Beef & Pork Kebabs, or Chicken Kyiv Meal’s the way to go! Our unique food
selections such as Chiburek, Beef cheeks, and bestselling Armenian Barbecue, will most
definitely make you want more because other than the fact that it’s ALWAYS prepared FRESH,
it’s naturally-made and always cooked with premium ingredients and spices. So if you want the
BEST LUNCH in Toronto or you need a small place for your indoor family events, Armenian
Bistro is one of your best choices for dining inside restaurants in the Etobicoke and Toronto
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Have you ever wanted to hold a small dinner party for your closest friends or relatives? You may
labor for several hours just thinking about not only the food, but also the kind of concept that you
may expect it to be. You may even think you can do it all – from the number of guests who will
attend, menu planning, concept planning, and even the venue! While there’s nothing wrong with
doing everything on your own, there’s simply nothing like hiring someone who can provide you
with a professional and trusted small party catering for your indoor family events or indoor lunch
services in the Toronto area. Our small party catering service will not only give you a celebration
worth remembering, but it may also be your guests’ best lunch experience ever in Toronto!
Another good thing about it is that it’s a dine-inside restaurant! No need to stay outside as you
will be safe with us, considering we follow the proper protocols in accordance to the COVID-19
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As one of the best dine-inside restaurants in the area, whether you have a weekday breakfast or
party catering plan, you’ll get to taste authentic, unique East European and Armenian that will
surely tickle your taste buds, making you want more all the time!

For ‘weekday breakfast, casual lunch, indoor lunch, bruncon weekdays, dine in lunch, or party
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